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If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you will have noticed that I enjoy wine, wine-tasting events, visiting wineries, and more. So it was with great enthusiasm and anticipation that I agreed to attend a pre-opening wine-tasting event at one of BevMo‘s newest stores in Riverside, CA. #BevMoRiversideIf you shop at BevMo (especially for your wine purchases), the name Wilfred Wong will sound familiar to you. He is BevMo’s resident wine expert and was the host of our little party.

The BevMo Riverside event started out with a glass of Veuve Clicquot–which has now become my favorite champagne–and a chance to check out the new store before it opened. If you haven’t been to a BevMo yet, be sure to check them out before your next party. They carry everything from snacks and serving ware, gift bags and cards, sodas, juices, mixers, oh and of course, a great selection of wines, liquor, keg and craft beer; all of this, in addition to a knowledgeable staff ready and waiting to help you.

bevmo riversideHave you ever taken advantage of BevMo‘s 5-cent Sale? I hear ads on the radio for their sales all the time. Dis you know that select wines are always available for the 5-cent Sale price (buy one at the regular price and get the second for just 5-cents)?

Wine Tasting with Wilfred Wong

We were given a selection of 6 wines to taste, along with a plate of snacks. The tastes we were given ranged from savory to sweet, along with a delicious bite (or two….OK, it was three) of dark chocolate. It always surprises me how differently a wine can taste depending on what you’re served with it; just for the record, I’m one of those “rebels” who doesn’t follow the “white wines with white meat/red wines with red” rule.

bevmo riversidebevmo riverside

I learned a new term from Wilfred–corked wine. I’ve heard the term before, but never knew what it meant or how a corked wine might taste. As it turned out, one of our wines was a little corky, so another bottle was opened for us to try.

In comparing the two different bottles, there was a subtle difference in both the smell and taste. The corked wine smelled kind of musty to me, while the other bottle smelled fresher and fruitier. The taste, while not bad (Wilfred thought that maybe it was just turning) was definitely different too; again musty and “old” tasting vs. fresher and fruitier.

BevMoDid you know that if you buy wine from BevMo, and you feel it may be corked or even just taste bad to you–you can bring it back (preferrably with your receipt) and they will happily replace it? Great customer service, don’t you agree?

Have Yourself a Party

Any time is the right time to shop at Bevmo; especially when you join Club Bev. As a Club Bev member, you’ll receive special offers and invitations, coupons, and can earn savings rewards for your purchases (instore or online).

Keep yourself in-the-know, find cool recipes and find out the latest BevMo happenings here. You can like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or just pop into your local store to find out all the great goings-on. You just might see me cruising the aisles while you’re there!


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  1. I love wine and it is good to know BevMo’s return policy. I am a great fan of their craft beer section too! Cheers to you!

  2. So awesome! Cheers, Ann!

  3. Love the cheese platter! Looked like a fun tasting!

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