Do You Need a Beauty Oil? Let Tierra Azul Convince You

beauty trendsThere are always lots of trends in fashion and beauty; and one of the latest is the need for beauty oil. This isn’t really a new trend; people have been using beauty oils for centuries, to maintain or restore their skin, hair and nails . From naturally-derived oils, to custom-blended creations, beauty oil has once again become a must-have product to keep in your makeup repertoire.

BeautiControl’s Tierra Azul Beauty Oil

I have been a consultant with BeautiControl for several years now; so i get the inside scoop on new products, beauty trends, style & color trends and so much more. When they first brought out their Tierra Azul line of beauty products, I immediately fell in love with them; but recently they added a couple more to the line, and I wasn’t sure they would be something I needed. Boy was I wrong!

Tierra Azul Beauty Oil is an exotic blend of oils from around the world. Argan oil from Morocco provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits, protects, nourishes and can also reverse environmental damage, wrinkles and premature aging.

Argan trees are endemic to Morocco. They produ...

Argan trees are endemic to Morocco. They produce the Argan oil, valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marula oil from Madagascar is rich in essential fatty acids, contains high levels of anti-oxidants and can promote cell renewal and improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Kukui oil has been used for years, throughout the islands of Hawaii. It’s become popular world-wide, as it has become more available. Popularly used as a massage oil, it also protects you from environmental damage, while easily penetrating the skin; so you don’t feel greasy.

Avocado oil, from Mexico, is just as beneficial to skin and hair; just like the fruit is to the body–full of vitamins and minerals known to reduce signs of aging.

Castor oil from a plant indigenous to East Africa and India, is now widely grown throughout the tropics. It’s well-known for treating irritated skin conditions, due to its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

A Potent Blend

BeautiControl has combined these ingredients from around the world, to create a world-class treatment for your skin, hair and senses. I love working it into my shoulders and neck at night; it soaks right into the skin so my sheets aren’t left with greasy spots. The subtle scent is soothing and relaxing too!

Tierra Azul Beauty OilSometimes in the morning, I’ll apply Tierra Azul Beauty Oil to my hair and let it soak its magic down into my roots and scalp. After washing my hair, I can definitely see and feel the difference it makes. I color my hair often, so not only does it make my hair look and feel wonderful, my scalp isn’t dry or irritated either.

Many people hear the word oil, and quickly shy away from it; they think their oily skin will only become worse with use.  But Tierra Azul Beauty Oil is specifically formulated to soak into the skin, protecting without leaving a greasy appearance.

If you’re interested in trying Tierra Azul Beauty Oil, you can get it from my BeautiControl website here. Or if you’d like to try it, we can schedule you a spa party to give it a try. Just contact me here and we can get you on the books.

Have you tried beauty oil yet? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. My husband using Vitamin E to combat his receding hair line. It works well. Great article!

  2. Great article! I actually had no idea about beauty oils, but now I want to try…

  3. I’ve heard good things about this but have never tried it. I really need to, I’m starting to see a few wrinkles here and there, boooo…. ;(
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