American Cancer Society Wants us to Have More Birthdays-Sponsored Video

Tracking PixelIn honor of the American Cancer Society's 100th birthday this month and also in remembrance of friends and family I have lost, I am thrilled to be able to add my voice to many others, and to be a part of this sponsored campaign.

american cancer societyIt's safe to say that cancer has been a part of all of our lives for a long time;  and I think I can safely say that each of us knows at least one person who has suffered because of  cancer.

Cancer is in my History

When I was in high school, my mom's mother became sick.  We didn't really talk about it as a family; in fact as I recall, Grandma was considered a little bit of a hypochondriac.  That is until she was diagnosed with cancer.

Even then we didn't talk about what was happening; the only cancer I really knew about back then was lung cancer--and grandma didn't smoke.  As I grew older, more people were talking about cancer; friends and family, but also news media, health professionals, dieticians and even celebrities.

me and dad This last year, I lost my father to cancer.  I was lucky enough to be able to spend his last weeks with him, as hard as it was to watch.  He was a smoker all of his life; and I know that contributed to his disease.  I know there is a great deal of cancer in my history and that I need to take steps to ensure I'm around for a lot more birthdays too.

American Cancer Society's Plan

As part of their new campaign, which I love,  the American Cancer Society is trying to make sure everyone gets to celebrate more birthdays.  They have played a role in nearly every cancer research breakthrough in recent history.  And the ACS is working to make sure that everyone is able to get the help they need to win this fight--like a free place to stay while undergoing treatments, access to quality healthcare, lifesaving screenings and more.

My dad was a wonderful musician and teacher, and cancer silenced him; so join me and the American Cancer Society and make some noise.  That way we can all celebrate--more birthdays for everyone!

This post is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.


  1. Oh how I’d LOVE to see a world with more birthdays!!! Cancer sucks!! So many wonderful people have been lost too soon from this horrible disease. It needs to stop! 😛

  2. Mary Tran says

    So sorry to hear about your father and grandmother. Thanks for sharing your story. Hopeful for more breakthroughs in the future.

  3. Jaime Jenkins says

    Beautiful Ann! I’m so sorry for your loss. XOXO

  4. The ACS has done so much great work. Definitely a very good cause to support as yes I think we all know someone in our lives who has suffered from cancer.

  5. Cancer is a bitch. I hate seeing friends and family who’ve dealt with this, or their loved ones. I too lost my grandfather to Cancer. I hope in the future, we will see more birthdays.

  6. Wonderful post Ann. And I agree – let’s “make some noise.” ACS is one charity I so strongly support – for all of the reasons you listed and more.

  7. Thank you all for your support, and love–these last months with my dad and the aftermath of his passing have been made easier because of your love and support!

  8. I’m sorry for your loss, Ann. The “More Birthdays” campaign is pretty genius without having to be in your face – kudos to the ACS for implementing something fun but still gets to the point. (And yep, even if you may not have cancer, cancer has affected us all in other ways.)

    • You are so right; even before my dad was sick–I had (and still have) friends who are battling one or more forms of this disease.

  9. Lovely post! Make some noise and have more birthdays!!

  10. Cancer sucks! I can’t write that any more eloquently than that. We all know someone or will know someone who is taken by cancer. I agree, let’s make some noise! I’m trying to get my husband to quit smoking… wish me luck. Great post from a great daughter.

    • Not to be a downer, but show him the picture of my dad; 60+ years of smoking and trying to quit! I used to smoke too; but no more for me!

  11. Sorry for the loss of your father. Great post.

  12. You never know when that ugly monster aka Cancer will strike your loved ones. That is why I always contribute to this great cause.

  13. Very touching post here. I lost my great great grandfather to cancer. He too was a smoker. He held on till my first birthday before he passed away. It was too bad that I didn’t get to grow up knowing him. Just last month I lost my Father in Law to cancer as well, which made this Father’s Day very difficult for our family. Very happy to know that you are a proud supporter of the American Cancer Society! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  14. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I lost my mom to cancer in 2010 she was only 50 and it was very sudden. She was a smoker as well but they are not sure what type of cancer it was initially because it spread so rapidly. I really wish they would find a cure soon because I know lots of people that have been through the pain of cancer, I am a big supporter of the American Cancer Society and cancer causes.

  15. Stacy | Bobee says

    I love the campaign theme of more birthdays and the idea to make more noise. Thank you for sharing your story, its very touching.


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